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Committed to the environment

At Fripozo we are committed to the environment. Every year we set new goals so we can create a more ecological company.

These are two of the projects we are collaborating in we are very proud to be a part of them.


A Million for the Climate

A Million for the Climate is an initiative that ensures companies commit to positive action against climate change. We have launched these improvements and we will continue to implement more.
  • We use electricity from renewable sources
  • We have saved 40% of our electricity consumption by changing to LED lighting in our factories and offices.
  • We increase our recycled waste every year (cardboard, wood, plastics, vegetables oils used in manufacturing processes).

Our Vigía Plan (Water-saving plan in the industry)

This project is run by the local authorities in Murcia, Spain, where our factories are based. The plan means we are committed to reviewing our water usage every year in order to increase efficiency in our factories.

Our standards are equally high for our products and for anything we can do to stop climate change and improve the environment. We believe there is one way to do things, and that is well.

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