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We have grown with you

We are Fripozo, part of the holding company Grupo Fuertes, and we are lucky enough to have a great team of over 600 professionals dedicated to creating delicious dishes for you. Because you are our priority.

Since 1989

We have been here all this time and we understand your lifestyle because it’s the same as ours. That’s why we’re working to make your life easier.

The secret is innovation

Innovation is part of our DNA. We have spent 28 years constantly adapting to new ideas and challenges. We know that the comfort zone isn’t real. The latest technology, team spirit and growing with you all mean that we can offer you tasty recipes that are designed for your lifestyle.

Today, and every day, we cook with you in mind.

We are the same as you:
we are made for sharing

We are just like you: demanding, adventurous, innovative, curious and ready to go. We have been inspired by recipes from all over the world, from gastro markets, from trends like finger food, and from the simple and tasty food-truck industry.

Food to sample, taste and above all to share:

million in turnover
products in our lines

What do you want to eat today?

Our products

What do you want to eat today?

Wake up your taste buds with the crunchiest products. Try the tastiest mixes and Mixtos and enjoy tapas without leaving the house. Tenders, Crunchies, mixes and Mixtos, the ideal recipes for sharing.

Everybody knows that food always tastes better when you share it

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